Our technology

Teeth Whitening

There are multiple teeth whitening procedures we utilize. The doctor will discuss the options with you as well as go over your goals and together decide what is your best course.

We offer same day whitening, which will give you whiter teeth in a few hours. We also make custom trays to allow you to bleach in the comfort of your own home to reach your goals in a few weeks. We also have easy take home kits that you can leave with same day!

3D Digital Scanner

Thanks to new modern technology those messy putty impressions are a thing of the past!We have been utilizing the latest advanced dental technology to use dental scanners to take digital impressions.It is a faster more comfortable process and extremely accurate. Our iTero scanner is also able to work with Invisalign and can allow us to do a quick analysis in a matter of a few minutes.

Hard & Soft Tissue Laser

Considered an emerging technology at most dental practices, the use of hard and soft tissue lasers has been readily used in the office since 2001.

Lasers are used for a myriad of procedures, including periodontal (gum) and restorative (fillings) procedures. Employment of lasers broadens the scope of procedures that can be completed in our office, while also increasing patient comfort, reduces length of treatment and reduces post-operative discomfort.

Dexis CariVu

With this new technology there is now a non-invasive RADIATION FREE way to check for tooth decay!CariVu is a portable device that detects any cracks and lesions resulting from decay by bathing the tooth in safe light near the infrared spectrum. Tooth enamel appears translucent in the images it takes, but decay shows up as dark patches. If you are worried about too much radiation exposure this is a great way to prescreen for any signs of decay.